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The Competent Communicator's Cheatsheets


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🚩 Your Biz Challenge (aka Problem)

You want to connect with your audiences β€” prospects, clients, colleagues, shareholders, etc. β€” better. You want to streamline how you communicate and get more out of your communications efforts.

BUT, you're not interested in or ready for a deep dive into Communications Theory (Is that even a thing?) and Marketing Communications. You just want some easily accessible, highly consumable, extra actionable information that can help you get quick wins.

✨ Features & Benefits

This download can help you do that. Organized as lists/tables β€” each on its own page β€” it includes a diverse range of info about different aspects of business communications. Topics covered include:

  • Top Communications Resources
  • Key Communication Skills
  • Communication Styles
  • Communication Modalities
  • Communications Productivity Tools
  • Communications Evaluation Tools
  • Communications Inspiration Sources
  • Cognitive & Communications Biases
  • Communications-Impacting Principles
  • Learning Styles
  • Learning Pathways
  • Psychographics & Demographics
  • Knowledge Awareness States
  • Energetic States

For each topic, you'll find all the key details you need: descriptions/explanations, examples, tips, etc. The info is organized in a table so you can make sense of it at a fast glance.

Importantly, I connect the dots for you. I show you how each topic relates to the world of communications. You'll see why and how to leverage your newfound knowledge to make your communications more effective and efficient. (i.e., It's not just a bunch of random facts slapped on a page.)

You'll get this resource as an MS Excel file. Feel free to import it into Google Drive and open it as a Google Sheet.

πŸ§‘ Created for You

So, who's this thing for?

It's perfect for small/medium businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, consultants, independent contractors, agencies, gig workers, side-hustlers, influencers, biz partners, joint venturists.... Basically, anyone who wears a lot of hats but may not have the fully-developed skill sets for all the things they're tasked with doing as part of their work. (Uh, sound familiar?)

This resource was created for people with limited knowledge of Business Communications, Marketing, or related disciplines. So, you do not need to be a Communications Pro to use these cheatsheets. While a seasoned communicator would benefit from this quick reference, it's geared toward folks who's zone of genius is elsewhere.

πŸ”‘ Why Being a Better Communicator Matters

πŸ›οΈ So Much for So Little

The Competent Communicator's Cheatsheets is a $29 value β€” so it's a steal of a deal at this price! I hope you find it to be a helpful resource and that it enables you to start bettering your business ASAP.

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The Competent Communicator's Cheatsheets

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Last updated Jul 12, 2023

You'll get a downloadable resource you can use to improve your business communications and help your biz thrive!

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The Competent Communicator's Cheatsheets

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