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PodPro Podcast Planning, Production & Promotion Checklists & More!


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🚩 Your Biz Challenge (aka Problem)

You want to start a podcast. As a total newb, though, you aren't sure where or how to start. You want to get it right so that it succeeds.

How'd you like a little guidance to create and launch your podcast? (The answer should be "Heck YEAH!")

✨ Features & Benefits

This download, which is geared toward new podcasters, can help get you there. It includes:

  • A checklist for getting a podcast off the ground
  • A checklist to aid in the creation and execution of individual podcast episodes
  • A roundup of key skills an effective and efficient podcaster will need or want to develop.

It also includes checkboxes to mark off steps you've completed and space for notes. You'll get this resource in three formats: Google Doc, MS Word doc, and PDF.

The goal is to help you better communicate via your podcast by having the knowledge and systems in place behind the scenes.

🧑 Created for You

So, who's this thing for? It's perfect for small/medium businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, consultants, independent contractors, agencies, gig workers, side-hustlers, influencers, biz partners, joint venturists.... Basically, anyone who wants to have a podcast but may not have the awareness of all the things involved in getting it off the ground initially or managing it over time. (Uh, sound familiar?)

🛍️ So Much for So Little

PodPro Podcast Planning, Production & Promotion Checklists & More! is a $19 value — so it's a steal of a deal at this price! I hope you find it to be a helpful resource and that it enables you to start bettering your business ASAP.

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PodPro Podcast Planning, Production & Promotion Checklists & More!

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Last updated Jun 6, 2023

You'll get a downloadable resource you can use to help you create and launch your podcast like a pro!

3 File Formats
Google Doc, MS Word Doc & PDF
Bite-Sized Info
Quick & Easy to Absorb
Actionable & Customizable
Steps You Can *Actually* Do
Logical & Organized
Checkboxes, Lists & Space for Notes
Small Biz Focused
Ideal for You!
Consolidated Yet Comprehensive
Improve Your Biz & Thrive Sooner
Simple & Easy to Use
Begin Implementing Today!

PodPro Podcast Planning, Production & Promotion Checklists & More!

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